Scholarships for Teaching in China

The CES-Chow Short-Term Teaching Program With the generous support from the Gregory and Paula Chow Foundation, the CES is pleased to announce the plan to award six (6) fellowships for short-term teaching in Chinese universities in the 2010-2011 academic year. Each fellowship will provide a stipend of US$ 2,500 in this academic year.

CES is collaborating with the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs –SAFEA ( ). If the awardee chooses a host university from the list provided by SAFEA, he/she will receive additional living allowance of RMB 5000 from the host university.

II. Application for the CES-Chow Teaching Fellowship

1. Eligibility of Applicants

The CES welcomes applications from all individuals regardless of citizenship or ethnicity, provided that they meet the following conditions:

(1) The applicant must hold a Ph.D. degree in economics or management, awarded by a research university in North America.

(2) The applicant must hold a full-time position outside China.

(3) The applicant must be able to teach in China for at least two weeks (or 10 working days).

(4) The awardees of the teaching fellowship must agree to submit to the CES teaching committee a report within 2 weeks after the completion of their teaching.

The CES will consider applications from both members and non-members. Priority will be given to members, other things being equal.

2. Application Procedure

(1) The applicant is responsible for finding a host university in China.

List of universities recommended by SAFEA:

Shihezi University ( );Qinghai University ( ); Guizhou University ( ); Yanan University ( ); Southwest University ( ); Northwest A&F University ( ); Northwest University for Nationalilities ( ); Southwestern University of Finance and Economics ( )

(2) A complete application for the teaching fellowship should include the following:

(i) A letter of application, including the course title, the teaching schedule including the number of hours, and the name of the host university where the applicant would like to teach the proposed course; whether the applicant has applied for the fellowship previously and whether the prior application was successful.

(If the applicant is choosing a university recommended by SAFEA, the applicant should only put forward three universities from the list, with the most preferred on top of the list. After collecting the preferences of the applicants, CES will try to allocate universities according to applicants' most preferred choice.)

(ii) A syllabus that includes the content of the course, textbook(s), references, the arrangement of examinations, and the schedule of the lectures.

(iii) A copy of the applicant's abbreviated curriculum vitae (2-3 pages).

(iv) A copy of the letter of invitation from the host institute, signed by a department head or a dean at the host university.

(3) The initial application (including items (i), (ii), and (iii) above) should be sent to Professor Songhua Lin, Board of Director of the CES at email . The invitation letter, item (iv), can be scanned and emailed separately. The deadline for complete application is February 1, 2011 and decisions will be made by March 1, 2011.

 3. Selection of Awardees

(1) The CES teaching committee will review all applications, select awardees, and notify all applicants of its decisions.

(2) The selection of awardees of the teaching fellowships will be based on the following considerations:

(i) The applicant's qualifications;

(ii) Broad participation by Chinese universities, scholars, and students;

(iii) The need of modern economics and management education in China.

4. Financial Award

(1) A successful applicant will be awarded a lump-sum stipend of US$2,500 by CES. The award will be paid after the awardee completes his/her teaching in China and submits the instructor's final report.

(2) An awardee will obtain additional compensation from the host university. For those who choose the universities recommended by SAFEA, the host university will provide additional stipend of RMB 5000, to be given upon finishing of the teaching.

(3) Should an awardee obtain from other sources of financial support that goes beyond compensation for living and travel expenses, the CES may withdraw or reduce the stipend provided by CES. The awardee should notify CES of such financial support as soon as he/she has accepted it. Applying for funding from other sources, however, will not affect the selection of the awardees. The purpose of this clause is to optimize the use of limited resources to fund more economists who wish to teach in China.

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Scholarships for Teaching in China

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