D3 specializes in business intelligence, web-based application development, data warehousing, network management, and information security. Our hybrid on-shore and off-shore business model provides us with distinct advantages over our competitors.

BI Applications and Data Warehousing Unlike general IT service companies, D3 specializes in developing business intelligence (BI) related software. BI requires specialized skills and knowledge to handle sensitive customer data, complex data warehouses, and sophisticated reporting. D3's TruExcutive is a one-stop shopping dashboard tool presenting information in stead of just data. D3's proprietary customized decision management tools are developed to address each client's specific needs. We develop, deploy, and maintain our clients' applications and provide 24/7 support in many instances.

Information Security and Network Management D3 treats data and information security seriously. D3 often manages large volumes of sensitive data on behalf of our clients. Our team of highly-trained network professionals deliver the highest quality and most secure services to meet our clients' needs. Whether a company requires a network assessment to better understand how they can improve their environment, or a fully managed network and security service to safely and cost effectively manage dispersed environments, D3 can help. D3's engineers work closely with clients to design, implement and manage solutions at all points of the network. D3's network engineers are certified network professionals that have the technical expertise and track record of success to effectively and securely manage clients' networks so they can rest easier at night.

Cost Advantages with Superior Quality D3 employs a hybrid on-shore/off-shore application development model. Our project managers and production support are based in the United States . All of them have over 10 to 25 years of real world experiences in their respective domains. Our development team is based in Guangzhou, China . Our software engineers are selected from top Chinese universities and they speak both English and Chinese. Our job applicants must pass a rigorous 2-day test to be employed by D3. For every 40 applicants, D3 usually accepts 1 for a permanent position. The hybrid model serves us and our clients well because we can deliver solutions through lower cost and superior quality.


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