We provide the best consultants in the industry, period.

All of our consultants have 15+ year experiences in SAS programming, SQL coding, data analysis, and statistical modeling. We were former leading analytical professionals who worked/consulted at blue chip companies such as Capital One, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Sallie Mae, Barclay, Halifax Bank of Scotland, RBS. We are experts handling extremely large databases. We build the best-in-class statistical models for practical business applications. We explain statistical concepts and conclusions in easy-to-understand terms so that everyone can appreciate the insights from our analyses. We are very effective turning data into information.

Our consultants have vast experiences in following fields:

• Identify the most profitable customers
• Target the most profitable prospects
• Increase response rates
• Expand your marketing reach by acquiring outside databases

Risk Management:
• Fraud detection
• Early accounts on book
• Credit losses
• Loss forecasting

  Customer Value Management:
• Customer life time values
• Account profitabilities
• Net present values
• Customer loyalty and attrition
  Scorecard Development:
• Credit
• Fraud
• Profit
• Value
• Cross sell

We are domain experts in many statistical methods and have trained many of our clients to use these methods:

  • Regression analysis
• Logit/probit/tobit modeling
• Reject inference
• Credit scoring
  • Principal components
• Clustering
• Customer segmentation
• Discriminant analysis
  • Design of experiments
• Optimization
• Neural networks
• Time series
  • Bootstrapping
• Monte Carlo experiment

Please contact us to arrange a free evaluation of your project and let us show you delivering exceptional results

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What is Monte Carlo Experiment?

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