D3 specializes in financial applications. Our products and services provide specialized capabilities to our financial clients in the credit card, life insurance, auto loans, student loans and mortgage banking areas.

Most of our work for financial institutions consists of business intelligence applications. We have performed analyses for marketing of consolidation loans; identifying potential customers for loan offers. We have built dynamic financial models for credit card performance monitoring. We have assembled merchant purchase databases from credit card transactions for use in predicting credit card usage behavior.

An ongoing relationship with insurance clients provides a web-based application to manage and track the life stages of policy portfolios. This application also provides capabilities to calculate mortality related projections including valuing of individual cases and the portfolios of which they are a part. Also, our system provides for adding supplementary information gleaned from proprietary and public sources. This information provides confirming (or refuting) evidence of the case files on which financial decisions, such as acquisitions, are based.

Since a portion of the data that is processed servicing our clients is composed of medical data on individuals we take special care on security matters. All information storage and distribution to clients is performed in compliance with HIPAA requirements. We maintain a Tier 1 data center for the purpose of creating an environment that is reliable and safeguards the privacy of the data entrusted to us.


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