D3 products and expertise directly address issues facing the healthcare industry. D3 has accumulated extensive expertise covering a wide range of areas in physician management, revenue cycle management, throughput, insurance reimbursement. Our flagship products including ERVantage that serves emergency rooms. We have also completed many projects in the health care area for our clients ranging from billing companies, revenue management companies, hospitals, medical software companies

Our typical projects require breadth and depth in multiple disciplines. These include a data warehouse oriented back-bone infrastructure where data is collected from multiple sources, sophisticated data cleansing, datamart constructions, data aggregations in multiple dimensions, vast reports generations and deployment with access controls, dynamic report and real-time report generations. Most of our applications are hosted through web servers. We retain in-house expertise on business website design, sophisticated navigations, and access control. Furthermore, all information stored and distributed to clients are performed in compliance with HIPAA requirements.

Our servers and databases are hosted in Tier 1 data center for the purpose of creating an environment that is reliable and safeguards the privacy of the data entrusted to us.




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